Want to know more about the CEC program offered by Canada? Let the best immigration consultants in Vancouver walk you through it!

This program is an aid to skilled workers who have more than a year of Canadian work experience and desire to become permanent residents.

Our Canada Immigration consultants in British Columbia help immigrants and students who have a post-graduate work permit with eligibility to work in the professional or technical field in Canada. The Canada Immigration Consultants at our immigration agency recommend Canadian Experience Class (CEC) to international students pursuing Canada Immigration to have at least one year of work experience in Canada and help them receive permanent residence status.

The Canada Immigration Consultants Vancouver also helps those immigrants who are not currently residing in Canada. Those who come under this category, all you have to do is submit your application within three years from the time you left your Canadian job and let the best Immigration Consultants in Surrey British Columbia handle the rest.

Essentials for Canadian Experience Class:

  • Candidate should have at least one year’s full-time work experience (1560 hours) or an equal amount in part time work, in Canada within 36 months of the CEC.
  • The work experience completed in Canada should come under one of the three classes: 0, A and B category of the NOC- National Occupation Classification.
  • You must meet or exceed the CLB- Canadian Language Benchmark of 5(initial intermediate) or 7(adequate intermediate proficiency), depending on the standard of your job.
  • Part-time work done during the course of your studies will not be considered by the CEC program.
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