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Novus Canada immigration services Inc offers services in all areas of Canadian Immigration law. Our firm was originally founded in Surrey, BC, Canada as Novus Canada Immigration in 2015 and after restructuring and expanding over the years, we have quickly become one of the most reputed Canada immigration consultancy firms in Canada.

Our best assets who have actually made Novus Canada immigration services Inc agency a huge success. They strive to be the best immigration consultants in Vancouver.

Unnikrishnan K.A, RCIC (B.A LLB, IMCD)


Mr. Unnikrishnan is a professional legal expert who has contributed for almost a decade to both Canadian and the Indian legal systems.

Mr. Unnikrishnan holds a degree in law from Bangalore University and he also holds a professional Canadian Immigration Consultancy Diploma from Ashton College in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Mr.Unnikrishnan was invited to the Bar Council of India in 2010 and was enrolled as an 'Advocate', after which he enormously practiced Criminal Law in India. He now specializes in Canada Immigration laws and provides immigration consultant services to clients from all over the world from our Corporate Immigration Agency Head office located in Surrey, BC, Canada. He is registered with the ICCRC as a ‘Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant’ and specializes in assisting clients in applying for a permanent residence in Canada and also assists them in getting all types of temporary residence visas, Family sponsorship, Refugees applications, Appeals etc.

Immigration Consultants in Vancouver

Navika Sharma

Manager, RCIC - R706514

Navika Sharma is an experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who has extensive experience in Express Entry and Temporary Foreign Worker Programs. She is Canadian citizen with roots in Punjab from where she has completed Masters in Business Administration. She handles our global clientele who are a part of the Express Entry and other temporary programs such as visitor visa, work visa, super visa and study permits. She is a thorough professional who believes in delivering exceptional value to her clientele. She is also an equipped human resource manager who leads the processing team at Novus.


Immigration Consultants in Vancouver


The serious difficulty of Unlicensed Immigration Consultants

Almost 99% of the Immigration Agency Companies in India offering Canada Immigration services ARE NOT REGISTERED with ICCRC. Canadian and Australian federal authorities, who monitor, regulate and punish the ‘miscreant ghost consultants’ are confined to their territorial jurisdictions and hence cannot do anything about these unscrupulous agencies in India. They ‘FALSELY CLAIM’ to be associated/affiliated to these organizations and do business with unrealistic offers and false promises galore.

  • Clients walk into the biggest and well established agencies and assume that they provide licensed and govt. approved services by seeing their ‘Affiliated to ICCRC and MARA’ logos.
  • Unfortunately, their application never goes through the scrutiny of any registered agent or lawyer, but it is done by one of the back end employees at the company’s office in India.

Three Simple Questions To Ask Before You Sign Up For Canada Immigration Consultancy Services Anywhere!

  • 1. Will I get a direct Consultation from a registered ICCRC consultant?(Check the ICCRC Number)
  • 2. Will my application be scrutinized by this registered immigration Consultant?
  • 3. Will my application be submitted along with an authorized representative Form?
Immigration Consultants in Vancouver

Who is a Representative?

A representative is someone who is able to provide you advice, consultation, or guidance at any stage of the application process, or in a proceeding and, if you appoint them as your representative by filling out the representative form, has your permission to conduct business on your behalf with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Note: Anybody who claims to be an immigration consultant or an Immigration agency in Vancouver with Google and Wikipedia sourced knowledge can probably give you a general idea about the various ways to immigrate or travel to any country of the world. Well, you can do this by yourself by searching online! What you need is professional advice on how to ensure that you get where you want, in the easiest, most efficient and smartest way. For that, you need a trained and licensed Professional like us. Our immigration agency will help you at every step in the immigration process and we try to be the best Immigration consultants in Vancouver for Canada Immigration purposes.


To be the best revolutionary force in client services with high-end solutions that resonates our quality and passion while providing a culture of openness, trust and ethical standards.


To be clients obvious choice by providing complete solutions through highly driven and personalized reliable services by enabling and empowering clients to achieve their dreams.


We promise and generate Trust, Transparency, Integrity, Mutual respect and Excellence in all we do.


Not only do we speak your language … we understand your culture too, which aids us help you better.

  • English - Punjabi - French - Gujarati
  • Hindi - Kannada - Mandarin - Cantonese
  • Malayalam
  • Urdu - Telugu - Tamil
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