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BC PNP provides numerous pathways to foreign nationals to migrate to BC on a work permit and eventually attain residency status. British Columbia Pnp is the most soughtafter option as it has programs for individuals of all skill categories. The province has separate departments which assist newcomers to settle in the province in respect to the SIN number, bank accounts, children’s education, medical insurance, language orientation and so on.


The main categories listed in the BC PNP are as follows:

1. Express Entry BC PNP

2. Skills Immigration BC PNP

3. Entrepreneur Stream

4. The other options through which one could Immigrate to BC is via the Federal immigration programs such as:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Live-in Caregiver Program
  • FST
  • FSW
  • Self-Employed Program
  • Start-up Visa Program
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program

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Understanding the BC PNP Online methodology is very important so that one can clearly relate to where he/she is currently standing in terms of the chances for a British Columbia PNP nomination and what more should be done for the systematic transition. Let us brief you about the 3 main BC PNP Online programs which would make it easier for you to ascertain which amongst the below you rightly fit into.


1. Who is eligible for BC PNP Express Entry Program?

  • All those who qualify under the express entry program guide lines as eligible skilled workers have a chance to apply for this program provided you meet the additional requirements.
  • The most important pre-requisite for British Columbia PNP which aspirants are not aware of is the requirement of a job offer. If you do not have a job offer you cannot apply under this program. The only exception to this is if you have studied in BC and are applying for an Express Entry BC – international post graduate category.

2. Is an LMIA required for this job offer?

  • No, it is not required.

3. How much is the proof of funds that one needs to show?

  • It is mandatory to meet the FSW/FST requirement which is much lesser than the BC PNP minimum income requirement. The express entry BC PNP Online aspirants must meet the British Columbia Pnp min income mentioned as below:

Family Income Threshold by Area of Residence

Size of Family Greater Vancouver Regional District Rest of B.C.

4. How long would it take for a nomination process under British Columbia PNP program?

  • Under this particular program, the current processing times varies anywhere between 2-3 months once your complete application is submitted.

5. What is the difference between EEBC –INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE and EEBC –INTERNATIONAL POST-GRADUATE British Columbia immigration program?

Job Offer RequiredJob Offer Not Required
Degree in CanadaMasters/PhD
Studied in any ProvinceStudied in BC Only
Any DegreeApplied or Health Science

6. How is the EEBC – HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL program different?

  • This is one of the British Columbia PNP programs targeting physicians, specialists, nurses and other health professionals to work in the province and attain permanent residency.
  • The British Columbia Pnp eligibility for this program also includes the requirement of a full time, indeterminate job offer from a public health authority.
  • You should prove that you qualify to work in this domain in the province of BC where mostly all jobs in this fraternity are regulated professions.


1. What is the difference between the above elaborated EEBC SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM and SEMI-SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM?

  • The main difference is that one can qualify for this program without being eligible for Express entry pathway which would render you ineligible for the EEBC skilled worker program.
  • Basically, you do not need a CLB -7 to apply for this program unlike the other for skill level OO, O, and A.
  • You also need not to clear the 67 point cut off for express entry eligibility.
  • The other difference is that this is a paper-based application and not an online process unlike the former.
  • It takes much more time than through the BC express entry process.
  • This BC PNP online program is for all eligible occupations in the NOC matrix skill level O, A, B, C & D, unlike the former which is only for O, A & B.

2. How does the entry level and semi-skilled category of British Columbia immigration program work?

  • This is for few select industries like tourism/hospitality, long-haul trucking and food processing namely.
  • Need a permanent job offer in these sectors. For the Northeast Development region of BC, one could apply for any of the NOCs under skill level C and D.
  • Before applying for this BC PNP onlineprogram, one should have been working full time for 9 consecutive months in BC for the employer. OR
  • Be employed and working full time in any NOC under skill level C or D in the Northeast Development Region of BC.
  • Compulsory language proficiency of CLB 4 and higher.

3. Is there any differences in 5 sub options of the SKILLS IMMIGRATION compared to the similar ones under EEBC IMMIGRATION category?

  • The only difference is that you need have an active express entry profile for any of the programs under the SKILLS IMMIGRATION BC PNP program.


This BC PNP online program eligibility requirement was changed recently on 29 JAN 2020 and requires a mandatory CLB 4 in IELTS.

The intent of this program is to attract businessmen from around the world to establish businesses in BC and contribute to the economy of the province.

It follows a long process of application, approval, successful running of the business for 16 to 18 months of time before one can apply for the BC nomination for Permanent residence.

There is a regional pilot program called BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot. The goal of this project is to foster building successful businesses and growing the local economy. It is a community based program and hence each community has its own process of accepting invitations.

The good part about this BC PNP online program is that it requires lower costing than the Base category program. The personal net worth investment and investment criteria is also lesser than the base program.

  • Each business concept submitted is graded and scored in a months time from the time of submission.
  • Remains in the pool for 6 months.
  • If invited, must submit an application within 4 months.
  • There is no Age embargo for this program.
  • One needs to acquire a net worth report from a BC PNP-authorized accounting company.


General questions -

How does the system of application and acceptance work under BC PNP Online?

It is a transparent procedure under which SIRS (skills immigration registration system) which is a point-based application program which would calculate a score based on all the inputs provided.The points are awarded for the following characteristics which are the most important BC PNP requirements:

  • NOC of the job offered.
  • Annual wage of the job.
  • Location of work in BC.
  • Directly related work experience
  • Level of education
  • IELTS score.

This helps SIRS ascertain your score. Once registered you would receive an acknowledgement mail and you would successfully be in the pool of BC express entry.

What are my chances of getting an invite under this British Columbia provincial nominee program?

The invitations are based on the quota that the federal government has authorised to BC and amongst which the division is made as per the requirement in each category of British Columbia PNP Program. In the year of 2019, it was around 6500.

Usually, there are 2 draws that take place every month. If your score surpasses the cut off score of the draw in the particular BC Provincial Nominee Program which you had applied for, it guarantees an invitation to apply. Usually, for all the 5 sub categories an approximate of 600 to 1500 applicants totally might be invited every fortnight. The number of invitations is seen to increase towards the end of the calendar year.

How can I get successfully migrate to BC through the BC PNP Program?

  • Get a permanent job offer from a designated employer in BC.
  • Make sure all other pre-requisites are met.

We suggest all our clients to understand the program and the time line involved before they sign up with us.

We at Novus Canada Immigration Services Inc. make sure that every applicant who comes to us is granted a successful nomination by guiding them correctly and filing on behalf of them.

Novus Canada specialises in BC PNP and the directors of this frim are all BC residents (RCICs) who also hire foreign nationals for employers in the province.

Reach out to our specialists to get a better understanding of the program and its requirements.

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